Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Inspiration Took a Vacation

My inspiration, motivation, or whatever you call it has left the building. Since Wednesday, I have written Z-E-R-O words in my WIP. No new words, no editing, nothing.

Just one night I didn't feel like writing. Or the next, or the next. I guess you could call this a slump. I think I know why, too. I finished chapter 4, but I don't have a clue what will happen next. I have a rough outline of the whole book, but it is very general. I know what the main plot points are, but I left the little details of how a gets to b gets to c unknown. Up until now everything has been flowing smoothly, but for some reason now I can't figure out what to write.

How do you push past something like this? What have you done to get the ideas flowing again?


  1. I feel your pain. I'm battling the same thing with my draft. I have my beginning to a point I'm pretty happy with (you know, without having edited it yet) and my ending is pretty solid. But my MIDDLE--ugh!

    It's too long, it's disconnected, and frankly there's certain holes I have NO idea how to bridge. It's hard not to just give up.

    My word counts have dropped, but I am still forcing myself to keep writing. It helps that I really love my idea--I REALLY think it's the one that will finally get me published--so I keep reminding myself of that and it brings me back to the keyboard every day. But it's hard. I wish you luck...

  2. I am there with you, too. I was just asking others what they think I should do. Have you thought about letting someone take a look at it? I just had a couple of ladies look at mine and they had wonderful questions that need to be answered, thus giving me something that I need to write. Sometimes there is something there in that beginning that is hanging you up and you don't even know it's there until someone points it out to you. Just a thought.

    Good luck getting past this.

  3. I've had the slump before. Sometimes the best thing is to just leave it. Watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk. Do other things that might recharge your creativity. Another thing you could do is answer a ton of questions about your characters. Like, random things that won't necessairly go in the piece. What's their favourite colour? etc... I find that always helps me get into the groove again! But just sitting there staring at the screen or worrying about it is just going to stress you out and you don't want that!!

    Hope it all works out soon! Good luck!

  4. Hello Melane! You have some good advice up there, keep pushing. Sometimes, I start working on something else and then my characters finally start yelling at me to get back to what I was doing. :-)

    Hey, I awarded you a blog award this morning. Head over to my blog to get it! You're doing great.

    Also-I'm going to start a critique group in December (after nano is over) and if you still need one or are looking, we'd love to have you!

  5. Keep pushing through it. I have a whole chapter where all I wrote was Write dragon fight scene here. I was stuck on it for a while and after I did that I wrote four more chapters.

  6. I'm a chronological writer, but a lot of people say that when you get stuck, jump ahead to the next plot point that interest you, then come back to fill in the gaps. Good luck!

  7. It sucks when this happens, I know. I go through it a lot.
    It always helps me to listen to music that inspires me(even if I'm not reminded of what I'm working on)or read a book.
    Even going shopping and people watching for a while will help me relax.
    Good luck, it will pass!

  8. Everyone's advice is right on. Try different things, especially reading a good book and getting your mind off of the story for a while, and when you do return; find a passion-scene, something that really excites you, and write it out of sequence; give your character or villain an interview, just to see what makes them tick. All those things will feed the creativity that had you start writing in the first place :)

  9. Like other people have suggested, sometimes I jump ahead if I get stuck. I tell myself I'll come back to that point and write the next scene that I know. I always go back and I always figure out what fits right in that section. Because like you said, sometimes even you don't know what's coming, so then you write something and you say, "oh, I need a scene where I explain why he said this or that" and so I go back and write the scene that initiated whatever I made him/her say in the future. Did that make any sense? No? Well, I often don't. :)

  10. A great big THANK YOU to everybody! You are the best!