Sunday, November 22, 2009

The New Barbie and Ken?

I must have been hiding under a rock, because I swear I did not know there were Bella and Edward dolls. I found out a few days ago when I was blog surfing and found this hilarious post. As I was reading, I thought Where can I find these things? My kids would love them.

The next day, I mentioned the doll to my oldest. She proceeded to roll her eyes and tell me how dumb that was. (She's in 6th grade, therefore too cool for dolls). However, the middle child was thrilled. She said that they were going to be added to her Christmas wish list. (Along with the 37 other things already on there.)

Anyway, we went shopping yesterday and had to make the usual stop at Wally World (er, Walmart). Since the kids were behaving relatively well, I let them take me on a stroll through the electronics and toy departments to show me all the things they simply must have this year.

We ended up at the Barbie section, and wouldn't you know it, we found Edward. Bella was sold out, but three Edwards were sitting there. Let me tell you, they were ugly. Really creeped me out just looking at them, and the $25 price tag didn't help either. The oldest child started snickering and picking on the middle child for even liking the doll. Of course, the middle child started whining that it was not ugly and that she wanted the doll. Right Now!

A lady was standing near us and gave me that look. You know the look. It can be interpreted to mean I feel so sorry for you because you have to put up with that crap or I'm so glad that's not MY child acting like that. And when she heard the middle child moan "I want the Edward dollllllllll," she actually started laughing. I just smiled and got out of there as fast as I could.

So that little adventure didn't turn out like I thought it would, but I can say for certain my child won't have the evil little Edward doll. Now if they come out with a Jacob, I may reconsider:)
Oh wait, they did!


  1. LOL. I am a total Twilight fan. But the dolls are horrible!!! So ugly.

  2. Haha, Edward has a little pea coat!

  3. I think that's sooo funny! My eight year old isn't into Twilight, (yet!), but I'll admit I'm a fan. :) Not enough to buy a creepy doll though, LOL!!

  4. I have a friend that takes pictures of "Little Edward" at various places. The one where he's helping her son with his homework really makes me ROFL. Anyway, yeah, not into the Edward doll, but the giant cardboard that's worth a second look:D

  5. I actually saw the Barbie versions of these, and they look more like the real Barbie dolls than the characters, IMO.

    And Edward??...He sparkles. :D

  6. That's a little creepy. Jacob, maybe.

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