Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, I was working on my WIP a couple of days ago, and my oldest daughter came up behind me and tried to read some of it over my shoulder. Now, I HATE it when anybody does that. I turned around and gave her THE LOOK, meaning please leave the room and give me some peace and quiet. She just ignored me, like she usually does, and proceeded to ask me some questions.

Child: Whacha doin?

Me: What am I doing?

Child: Yeah.

Me: I'm working on my book.

Child: You're still working on it? I thought you'd be done by now.

Me: (starting to get a little impatient) Yes, it takes a while to do these things, and I've never done it before.

Child: (looking thoughtful) When you finish, are you going to be rich?

Me: (looking startled) No, probably not.

Child: (looking at me like I have grown horns or something) Are you going to make any money?

Me: Well, if I sell it I could.

Child: How much are you gonna make?

Me: (sighing) I have NO idea.

Child: Well, when you do, can I have a new cell phone?

Got to love kids. Even though she really doesn't have a clue about how publishing really works, at least she believes in me.


  1. I promised my daughter a Nintendo DS if I sell mine.

  2. Mine gets a portion. She's co-writing.

  3. I'll take all the encouragement I can get. My daughter wants a puppy.

    Fat chance.

  4. Um, I don't have kids.

    My friends usually ask similar questions, though. Except they want me to buy them houses in Italy.

  5. I HATE people reading over my shoulder!

    My little sis is always talking about how she's going to retire on my writing. I think she thinks that most writers are JK Rowling rich. Plus she's 19! You can hardly retire if you've done nothing!!

  6. She has a vested interest in your book succeeding. :D
    ~ Wendy

  7. lol, I guess I should be happy my son is only two and the most he can do is come and slap my hand away from the laptop so that cheerios can be dispensed.

  8. Hilarious! True you gotta love the kids... I don't have any yet, but I have a little sister. I hate how people think you can just get the book done! My brother asked me today- have you finished your book yet?

    It's complicated- especially with NaNo this month- which non-writers really don't get- if ya know what I mean... LOL!