Friday, December 18, 2009

This 'n That

Today's post is a little bit of everything (or nothing, depends on how you look at things). First up, I officially finished my Christmas shopping today. (stands up and cheers, gets bizarre looks from the kids) Okay, now that I've calmed down, I do have to mention that shopping this year just sucked. I absolutely HATE having to figure out what everybody wants, and I HATE trying to weed down my kids' lists to a handful of things that we can actually afford. They have no concept that we have a budget that we have to follow:)

Anyway, I thought I was finished two days ago, until I found a little e-mail informing me that the ever-coveted New Super Mario Bros for Wii game that I had ordered last week was....guess....on back order. I promptly e-mailed the company and politely inquired if they could get the game to me by Christmas seeing as it's for my daughter. They finally replied to me this morning with a generic e-mail that said Your order has not been shipped yet. So I replied with a curt cancel my order. I mean, what's the point of dealing with them if they can't get my merchandise to me. I know, try not to laugh at my ignorance. So I called my sister and my aunt, who were shopping today in two different cities. I asked them to pick up the game if they could find it. Go ahead, guess again. Yup, I got the usual. Out. Of. Stock. Everywhere. Apparently, I underestimated the popularity of this game. Then I spent an hour looking online for ANY place that had the evil little game. Finally found it at I am now praying that I don't check my e-mail and find another nasty little This item is on back order notice waiting for me. *sighs*

On one of my shopping excursions this week, I was in my very favorite store on the whole planet. Barnes and Noble. Stayed in there a solid hour just basking in the atmosphere of the place. Did my part in helping the book industry and got some cool books for the kids. And on the way out, I stopped by the writing section to browse for a few minutes. Immediately I spotted The Fire In Fiction by Donald Maass. I've been dying to get my hands on this book since Susan R. Mills did a series of posts about it. I picked it up, thumbed through it, and thought I really should wait until after Christmas to buy this. Maybe someone will get me a B&N gift card. But impatient is my middle name, so I bought it. I know. Bad, bad me. I should have been sticking to my Christmas list and my name was not on it. But you know, sometimes you have to take care you. While some people go out and get a new pair of shoes, I like to buy books. So I shoved that guilt to the far corners of my mind and got it. But I haven't read one single word yet. Been too busy. Yeah, that's the story of my life lately...

Oh, my poor little WIP. I've dreamed about working on it. I've even opened the word document and pulled it up, but I'm officially stuck. And I'm beginning to think it has to do with the chapter I last worked on. I'm not really happy with it, but I left is alone, thinking I could fix it later. But I may have to go back, delete some things that are bothering me, or just do a complete rewrite before I can move on. That's just how my mind works.

And you may be thinking Well, why isn't she working on it right now? The answer to that is simple. My husband and kids are still awake. And they're currently in the living room, which is right next to my study, and they're throwing a ball at each other. In my house! And making enough noise to wake the dead. Seriously, I may look out my window and see zombies coming up my driveway at any minute.

So, what have you been up to lately?


  1. I just noticed that you're the mom of three girls! I come from a family of three girls and we're all best friends now. How fun for you guys! Do the girls fight over clothes yet? We had some real brawls...

    Good luck finding the time to write. I know it's tough this time of year!

  2. Phew... I got tired just reading this... :P

  3. I know about being stuck. I'm totally stuck with Watched. I mean totally. And I'm so close. I'm at 62,000 words and I can't move forward. What's weird is...the end is already written. It's that darn middle part. Ugh!

  4. The worst part about Christmas shopping is always the temptation to buy for myself, but I agree -- sometimes you have to take care of you.

    I hope your daughter gets her game!

  5. Lisa and Laura - No, my girls are 11, 6 and 17 months old. No clothes sharing yet, but there is plenty of fighting. I look forward to the day when they can get along.

    Valerie - Yeah, it's been a tiring week for me:)

    Tina- I am beginning to hate the middles!

    Amber - Oh, there's so many things I wanted to buy for myself, but I thought one thing couldn't hurt. Right?

  6. I bought myself a book today, too...after I promised myself to wait until I got my B&N gift cards(the only thing I asked for!). ::Hangs head in shame::

  7. Julie - There's no shame in buying a book:) Hey, I asked for B&N gift cards, too. In fact, that's usually what I ask for since I am so picky about clothes.

  8. Hi Melissa! I've read Fire in Fiction and thought it was wonderful! Maas uses so many examples of what he is talking about and that really helps to understand what it is supposed to look like. Great choice in reading!

  9. Sherrinda - Welcome! Yes, I'm going to get to it when I can get a little bit of free time (ha,ha!) I'm glad to hear from someone else that it's a great read.