Monday, January 11, 2010

The History Channel Rocks!

So on my last blog post, I admitted to being stuck. Not just "Oh, I don't know what to write next" kind of stuck. I'm talking "HOLY STINKING COW I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT TO DO NEXT AND I HAVEN'T WRITTEN A THING IN WEEKS" kind of stuck. Folks, I was on the verge of throwing in the towel. Putting my ms away and working on something new. And I was riddled with the "You're never gonna write anything worthwhile so why are you wasting time even trying to do this" paranoia that sometimes hits us all. **And before I write one more word, a ginormous THANK YOU to everybody who commented and gave me such fabulous advice. You guys are the best!!!!!**

So on Friday, after the kids and husband were sent to bed, I had a few hours to write. But I didn't. The thought of sitting in front of the computer and staring at the last few pages I did write was making me feel sort of pukey. So I decided to channel surf. I know, bad writer. Last thing you should do. But it turned out to be the BEST thing I could have done. I got to the History Channel and saw one of those programs for dealing with what you should do after a disaster (or in this case, an apocalypse). And something clicked. I thought Hey, You're writing a dystopian novel. Maybe you should check this out. And man, oh, man I struck gold. Not only did I get a great idea for how to get my characters to where they need to go next, I also jotted down some other facts. (Yeah, I ran and got my notebook and took notes, people. I'm a dork like that). So there you have it. Chapter 13 is almost complete. Just a little more tweaking and I can finally send it to my crit group. *Pumps fist in the air*

So has there been any time that you watched a program on t.v. or a movie and had a breakthrough with your ms? Or did the initial idea for one of your books come from something you watched? I'd love to know:)


  1. I've totally forgotten how fabulous the history channel is. I use to watch it all the time but lately I haven't been watching much TV. I'll have to remember the history channel (and discovery is pretty cool too) when I need inspiration.

  2. I decided to go without cable, but I do have a TV monitor and watch DVDs. I love to watch BBC nature shows. I've gotten tons of good stuff from that.

  3. That's awesome! I wish I would stumble onto some inspiration like that. I'm at a stuck point too--I'm writing, but not really liking where my story is going.

  4. My breakthroughs come when listening to music. Sometimes I hear the perfect lyrics and then things just lock into place.

    Yay for History Channel!

  5. Great news!! I'm really happy for you.
    It's always a great feeling when inspiration hits like that.

  6. I can't say I've had that kind of luck, but I think Ally Carter got her inspiration for the Gallagher Girl books when she saw a spy show on TV.
    So there you go. You never know!

  7. Sweet love 'o' the gods, I've been waiting to read Chapter 13 FOREVER! I can hear the hallelujah chorus! Clouds are parting! Sweet rays of glorious light are illuminating the darkest of days:)

  8. Nickles - Ooh, I forgot about the Discovery Channel. They have a ton of good stuff too!

    Tricia - I love BBC shows. Glad you can find material from them:)

    Roni - I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel. Good luck and I hope the mojo starts flowing soon for you.

    Mariah - Yeah, lyrics are another excellent inspiration. Great suggestion.

    Julie - Thank you!

    JenE - I've never heard that about Ally Carter, but I did read somewhere that Suzanne Collins got part of her inspiration for The Hunger Games from a history program about the Romans and gladiators (or something like that).

    Tina - You crack me up! I know, I've dragged this thing out for waaaaay too long. Hopefully this won't happen again.

  9. Yay you!!

    Probably through osmosis but nothing I can put my finger on. Maybe my brain is fried from the heat.

  10. Yay! That's awesome news :o) Yes, I wrote the beginning of one of my stories when I got an idea from the tv series Dexter (love that show by the way). I get ideas from tv all the time :o) I know bad writer, but I can have both!

    So glad to hear you are un-stuck, that's the total pits. The History Channel is pretty cool :o)

  11. Ideas can come from anywhere. Glad you found a way to finish it - I'm still stuck on mine, but I think I might have found a way to do it - I hope it works.

  12. This is so funny b/c just the other night my husband and I were watching a Law & Order episode and I grabbed a pen and starting notetaking. I'm not sure you could call it a breakthrough...but a pushforward.

    Love the history channel too! Glad it motivated.
    ~ Wendy

  13. I watched that show. I found it really creepy but I couldn't turn the channel. I'm glad it was informative for you.

  14. Jade - Thanks! Hope the heat wave passes soon for ya'll. It's freakin' COLD here.

    Erica - Yes, we can use t.v. to help us. Glad you could use it, too:)

    Mary - Good luck!

    Wendy - That's awesome! Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge and the ideas start flowing again.

    Amber - I know! It was creepy and that guy seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much. But I'm soooo glad I found it.

  15. I'm so glad you got unstuck!!

    And, dude, dystopian novel?? I have a dystopian novel -- well, two actually -- and I'm all over that genre...

    What's yours about?

  16. Oh, that's gold! You just never know where the next idea is going to come from. Hooray for progress!!

  17. Carol - You're absolutely right!

  18. You know, the times I've been that kind of stuck, I find the best thing I can do is take a break. My mind seems to work it out when I'm not pressuring it so much. So yes, I've found answers in many different ways, like television, doing dishes, driving. :)

    This is great news! I'm glad you got your answers and you're able to push through. It's such a good feeling.