Friday, January 1, 2010

So Glad You're Here, 2010!

Before I forget to mention this, don't forget to sign up for the Official No-Kiss Blogfest over at Frankie's blog. Put your name in the Mr. Linky so we can all check out your fabulous almost kissing scene. *Smacks self on forehead because I just realized that I don't have an almost kiss scene in my WIP so I've got to write one today*

Moving on...I'm so glad that 2010 is finally here. Not that 2009 was a bad year. Really, it wasn't. After all, it's the year I started writing:) But there's something about the promise a new year brings. So many things we can dream about and potentially do because this chapter of our lives is still unwritten.

So in honor of the awesomeness that 2010 is sure to bring, I am going to officially declare my goals. To keep things simple, I'm going to divide mine into two categories.

Things That I Can Control

*I will try to write every day. Every. Single. Day. I'm not gonna put a word count on it because some days I'm doing good to get 500 words, so will leave it at that.
*I will post my total word count once a week on this blog (ya know, the accountability thing).
*Finish my WIP before March. (I sooo wish I could do this by the end of January, but I've discovered that I'm NOT a fast writer).
*Have revisions complete by June (keeps fingers crossed on this one).
*Make sure my WIP is the best it can possible be before I even THINK about querying it.
*Learn how to write a query letter and a synopsis.
*If I feel that my WIP is good enough (ie. not a trunk novel), I will query agents (again, not gonna put a time frame on this one, sometime this year is good enough).
*I will start another book and try to have it complete before the year ends.
*Save, save, save, and save some more money so I can attend a writer's conference. (Would really LOVE to go to the SCBWI conference this summer).

Things That I REALLY Want To Happen ( Or Things I Have No Control Over)

*Snag the most awesome agent ever (Who could that be?)
*Have a huge bidding war over my book (and the two unwritten sequels)
*Get a ginormous advance for my series.
*Sell movie rights to my book and have major Hollywood actors/actresses fighting to get a part in it.

Okay, now that you've had your laugh for the day, what do you wish could happen in 2010? And are you up for the No-Kiss Blogfest?


  1. I'm SO in on the blogfest. It's going to be a great day of fun.
    Your lists are great--one totally attainable and the other a perfect daydream, and why shouldn't we have those????

  2. What wonderful goals!! You know, I don't like to pu word count minimums on my goals, either. Sometimes, just a well turned out scene can feel like a wonderful accomplishment. So good on you, m'dear! And I really hope you make it to the SCBWI conference this summer as I'll be there ;) (LA, yeah?) Best wishes for a remarkable 2010!!

  3. Oh yes! I see some of my goals in your list! That synopsis and query thing is really what I want to learn to do this year. And write another book! :) May we reach our goals...or very close to it!

  4. I plan on snagging an agent too! Good luck to you, and have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Awesome goals, they look a lot like the ones I posted today, hehe;) So excited to see your post tomorrow! Im SO excited for the NO Kiss Blogfest!!!! Can't wait!

  6. I think your goals are good. I have many of the same. Happy New Year!

  7. You're smart to give your book time to breathe before you search for an agent. Great goals. And as to your wishes, I think every writer dreams of those. :)

  8. I have the SAME list of things I really want to happen but have no control over. What are the chances of that??

  9. Grrrrrrrreat goals! I can't wait to watch you achieve all of them :-) xoxoxo

  10. Great list!

    I want to do every single one of those things. 500 words a day? I can do that. Sign me up and bug me about it to make sure I do it. :)

  11. Tricia - Hey, there's no reason we can't dream:) Looking forward to reading your scene tomorrow.

    Carolina - I've tried word count minimums, but I always feel terrible when I can't reach them.

    Sherrinda - I certainly hope that we can reach all of our goals!

    Mariah - I hope you get an agent:) Good luck to you:)

    Frankie - I'm sooo excited, too!

    Susan - Thank you, and Happy New Year to you!

    Kasie - Thank you! And wouldn't it be nice for ALL of them to come true?

    Elle - I think that's something a lot of writers want, but we know in reality the chances are very small. But here's to wishing:)

    Sara - Thank you!

    Amber - Okay, I can definitely bug you:)