Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back To The Land Of The Living

Oh, what a terrible weekend I've had! I think I mentioned last week that my middle child had a virus. Then we had the wonderful/awful snow day. Thought we were in the all clear then BOOM! Saturday night the oldest child came down with the virus while the hubs and I were eating out at Carrabba's . We found out when we got home and I ended up staying up half the night with her (and my poor sister-in-law/babysitter got it too). Spent Sunday getting over it then Monday got even worse. The youngest child woke up at the crack of dawn sick (won't give you the gory details) and by lunch my hubby came home sick. I thought I was gonna get off, but no. That night I came down with it (stupid Lysol let me down)! Fun times, I tell ya:(

I felt sort of better last night and since I missed all of you so much, I got on the net to check out all of the fabulous things I had missed. But Blogger decided it hated me, so I couldn't comment on anybody's blogs! And my computer is getting slower. I keep getting messages about my virtual memory being too low, whatever that means.

Sorry for the rant here. Things have just sucked to the millionth degree for the past few days. But on a brighter note, I did find out that I was one of the winners of Karen's contest! So that made me feel great (except for the fact that I couldn't comment on Karen's blog last night)!

So how's things going for you? Please share some good news! I could use some right now:)


  1. Stomach flu is the worst. It ran through our house like a tornado between christmas eve and New Years.

    Don't those snow days throw you off?

  2. Yuck... I'm sorry. Like I said, "Blogger sucks!"

    I think I've caught the dreaded bug everyone has been talking about. Fun times.

    Hope you have a better Wednesday!!

  3. Rant all you's your backyard. We're just peeking over the fence. And what do we see? Bodily fluids flying everywhere.

    Run away!! :)

  4. Wow, you've been through the ringer! Sorry to hear about that, but things have to get better now!

    I have a piece of good news for you: I finished my first draft over the weekend!! It needs more work than I can wrap my brain around, but finishing the first draft was a huge milestone for me.

    Hope everyone stays healthy now - including your computer!

  5. BOO FOR BLOGGER! I hate when that happens!!!

    How crappy that you had so many run ins with such an awful virus!!

    Yay for winning a contest! I was fortunate enough to win a book and a $20 itunes gift card! Both of which I couldn't be happier about!

  6. Aw Melissa :( I'm so sorry things have been so... ugh... lately! Here's to a MUCH bette second half of the week!!!

    My own good news? Um. I'm close to finished tackling chapter 7, the current bane of my existence! ;-)

  7. Bummer Melissa - I hope everyone is on the mend now. Yeah blogger is like a cranky old man sometimes...

    Good news - well let's see, after almost 10 months on unemployment (Michigan and all) my hubs got a job! That's about it - still revising. Hope all is well in your land ;o)

  8. Wow. least you weren't sick while the babies were. That's the worst. I keep an anti-emetic (fancy talk for a drug that keeps you from throwing up) in my medicine cabinet. At. All. Times. I get migraines, so the doctor prescribes it for those days, but I always pop those babies when I get the stomach flu. I hate throwing up.

    I have no good news to report, unless you count the fact that the "Haunted Hotel" has been strangely quiet as good news. *hugs*

  9. Julie - I know. I'm so glad it's gone now.

    Kimberly - Oh no! I hope you feel better!

    DL - Yes! Run while you can:)

    Jen E- Thanks! And congrats on finishing your first draft! That's amazing:)

    Natalie - Thanks!

    Jen - I wonder why Blogger does that to us? Certainly not for fun! Yay for your book and itunes card! It's a great feeling to win stuff:)

    Sara - Good luck with chapter 7. Chapter 13 was my bad chapter!

    Erica - Wow, ten months! That is good news!

    Tina Lynn - I'll have to look into that...I hate throwing up, too. Glad to hear the Haunted Hotel has been quiet for you. I still don't know how you put up with it:)

  10. Ughh! So sorry your whole family came down with that virus. Stomach bugs are the nastiest - and there doesn't seem to be any way to avoid them, no matter how much disinfectant or antibacterial hand gel you use. At least they blow over relatively quickly! Hope you are all feeling better. Congrats on winning the contest!

  11. Hmmm... Good news ... Try to think of fluffy cute animals and sparkly things. That always helps me :) Feel better.

  12. Oh wow... you poor thing. I'm so sorry. That is miserable. Hugs sprayed with bleach.

  13. Oh my word, what bloody awful news! So sorry you've been ill. Blah! Stupid lysol. We were hit with it a few weeks back and it was abominable! So glad you're feeling better. But feel free to complain. I think everybody knows what it's like to be sick. And you're whole family, too. Sending you all well wishes.

  14. Julie - Most of the time when one of us gets the bug, maybe one other gets it, but never the whole family. This was awful!

    Tiana - Yes, that does help:) Thanks!

    Wendy - Thanks for using the bleach:)

    Carol - Ah, I remember when your family had this thing! Now I REALLY feel your pain! Thanks for the well wishes:)

  15. Sorry to hear about the sicks, Melissa!

    On a techie side note, your virtual memory problem could mean you had too many programs open. Close some stuff out and see if that helps. You can also try cleaning out your computer, though that's unlikely to give you much of a reprieve.

    Saw you on Market My Words and thought I'd drop in. :)

  16. Victoria - Thanks for stopping by! I've tried closing out other programs but it still says that. My laptop is going on five years old so I think that's the problem. I really want a new one:)

  17. Melissa - yeah, you're probably right. I hate to admit it, but Wal-mart makes a pretty good laptop. My sister's had one for years and they *only* cost a couple hund red, I think. That's still a chunk, but it's better than $2k.

  18. Victoria - Funny, but this one is a Wal-mart laptop. A Toshiba. It's been really good up until last year, so I shouldn't complain about it. Now to wait for income tax refund money:)

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  20. Hi,
    I'm new to your blog. I have two kids myself- it is horrible when they are sick! I hope you are all feeling better soon!