Friday, February 12, 2010

Contest Reminder and The Last Award

Okay folks, just a quick reminder that my 100 followers contest ends tonight at 11:00 EST. A $25.00 Barnes and Noble gift certificate is up for grabs. Click on the link above if you want to enter!

Before I get to the final award that I need to pass on, I've got to tell y'all that it's SNOWING here. I know, some of you are going big freaking deal, but it hasn't snowed here in eight years. My oldest child was three during the last snow storm and she barely remembers it. My two youngest girls have never seen it (except on t.v) and they are in awe. It's barely sticking to the ground, but they had to go outside and run around the yard for a while. Nothing like seeing the huge smiles on their faces and hearing their delighted giggles. I was smiling right back at them, then I saw the carpet next to the door. Mud, grass, and god knows what over there right now. *grumbles* Stupid snow! Don't get me wrong - I'm excited to see it (just not as excited as my kids). But....guess who gets to clean up the mess they leave behind from the millions of trips in and out of the house. And it won't be the hubs:(

Now on to the award! Today I'm passing on the From Me To You award. Two lovely ladies gave it to me late last year: Julie at Literary Jules and Carol at Carol's Prints. Thank you so much and again I apologize for being such an award slacker! I'm going to pass it along to two blogs that I really enjoy visiting: Anissa at Anissa Off the Record and Karen at Eternal Moonshine of a Daydreaming Mind. I've been following these blogs for a long time, and I always smile when I visit them. And both of these ladies are having contests now, so hurry over and sign up!
Now I'm supposed to share 7 things about me.
1. I only eat lettuce in salads. Hate it in sandwiches or anything else.
2. My birthday is next month:)
3. I flew in an airplane for the first time three years ago. Was scared to death at first, but once we were up in the air I loved it.
4. I've always lived in Georgia.
5. I don't like getting flowers for Valentine's Day. Seems like a waste of money for something that will be dead in a week.
6. I do like going out to eat on Valentine's Day (without the kids). And my husband always lets me pick the restaurant. This year we're going to Carraba's.
7. I love sleeping in. Having to get up at 6:00 in the morning sucks to no end and I'm just as excited as my kids when they have school holidays. Yeah, I have to deal with the fighting and other fun stuff all day, but at least I get plenty of rest cause my kids sleep just like me:)

That's all for now. Have a wonderful Friday and please check back tomorrow to see who wins the contest:)


  1. So funny because I hate lettuce on anything other than salads and soft-shelled tacos. I love to eat lettuce wedges with ranch dressing too.

    I totally agree with #5.

  2. I don't like flowers either. The hubs was stunned when he found out. I was like Starbucks giftcard, iTunes giftcard (that's really for my muse, yes, I'm a regifter), or a B&N giftcard are so much better than $40 on soon-to-be-dead flowers.

  3. Aww, thanks so much for the award. I always enjoy visiting your blog too. :)
    I'm not much of a flower person either. Rather have chocolate or books.

  4. Thanks for the award, Melissa. You're such a sweetie. I must admit that I love flowers. Mostly I plant them myself outside, but I do enjoy buying fresh to have on the table. It's all about the type you buy. Alstomeria can last up to 3 weeks. Roses are pretty much dead on arrival.

  5. Jon - All right, another no lettuce on sandwiches person! One of the reasons I don't go to Subway very much...I get strange looks from everybody when I skip the lettuce.

    Tina - I know, a total waste of money. I would love those gift cards, too.

    Karen - Thanks! And books and chocolate are the best presents:)

    Anissa - Well, it's the flowers for Valentine's Day that I don't like. I love flowers planted outside. I even have them on pots on my front and back porches.

  6. Well said, ma'am! I feel a close bond with humans who like lettuce. My garden in the Congo is essentially one big salad.

  7. How sweet about your kids seeing snow for the first time (sort of)! And I love flying too, but my first airplane ride was when I was three months old and there've been many, many, many flights since.

    Congrats on the award! And happy early birthday!

  8. I don't care much for flowers on Valentines Day either. Now chocolate, on the other hand, is a much better investment.

    We barely had any snow this year, compared to the heaps we got last year. This is actually a bit ironic because we are hosting the winter Olympics, so they have actually had to make snow. I'm not a huge fan of the white stuff (driving in it isn't very fun) so I haven't really minded the mild winter. That's really cool that your kids have been able to enjoy it for the first time :)