Monday, March 15, 2010

What's Your Gripe?

I don't know what's going on, but it seems like any and every little thing is getting on my nerves lately. Stupid little things that usually don't faze me are really getting under my skin. I really need to open that Word document so I can FINALLY finish chapter 16 in my WIP, but I'm too aggravated right now. So to relieve the stress, I'm gonna list a few things that are driving me crazy. (Please feel free to click away now because this is gonna be a completely random and nit picky list).

1. Why won't my youngest go to sleep? I mean, I put her down over two hours ago and she keeps whining. I've checked in on her and she's dry, fed, etc, etc. (I think she likes torturing me). And on that note, why won't she sleep through the night? WHY?

2. Why can't my oldest two get along? Do they really have to fight every single day? Really?

3. Why can't the hubs put the toilet seat down? Would it kill him to do it just once?

4. Why does the house look like a tornado just blew through it? I spent over two hours picking it up yesterday after the birthday party. But you would never know if you went through there now.

5. Why does everyone in my family think I can drop what I'm doing to run errands for them or babysit? I'm not your personal assistant.

6. Why am I avoiding my chapter 16? It's almost finished. What's the big deal?

7. I saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend. Loved it. But why did the White Queen flutter her hands about? It looked ridiculous and I couldn't stop staring at her freaking hands in every scene she was in.

8. Why can't I decide which book to read next? I've narrowed it down to one of three books (all YA dystopian) but I can't pick one. And no, eenie-meenie-miney-moe has not worked:(

Okaaaaay, that's enough griping for now. Sorry for all that, but I do feel better now. So, do you have any gripes to share? Go ahead, let me hear what's bugging you!


  1. I haven't cracked a book open in forever. It's like my love affair with books has ended. It really hasn't. But the books I read now, just aren't published yet. But, who cares? Hope that post helped you...even if only a little.

  2. Sometimes it feels good to get the laundry list out there. It's always better than actually doing laundry.

    I hope that you have a better day today. Unlike Tina, I have been a reading machine this year. I only wish I could write with the same fervor and reckless abandon.

  3. Why are parents so afraid to discipline their children? I stood in a check-out line yesterday behind a woman and her two kids (roughly 5 & 7) and those monsters basically destoyed the end cap displays. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

    *Deep Cleansing Breath*

    All better. :)

  4. I'm with you on sleep. My son has decided naps are really not necessary (he's 18 months) and only short ones if he does ever go to sleep. He sleeps through the night, but he gets up super early. My oldest two girls were fighting/are fighting a lot. However, they are old enough to write sentences and do chores so once the fighting begins, so do chores. LOL

  5. I think you need a vacation. Maybe someplace warm and tropical. :)

    I saw AIW too and I laughed at the white queens hand thing. But I kinda liked it and found myself imitating her the rest of the day.

    My gripe...hmmm...that the weather keeps turning cold here in FL. It's March! Gimme some 80 degrees please.

  6. Aww... I hope today is better for you! And at least you made it to chapter 16. I can't finish my chapter 4. Ugh!!

  7. I am so with you on #1. Is she teething maybe? My 2yo is going through that and he NEVER sleeps when he's teething. It's frustrating!

    I hope things are better now and you get to finish ch 16 and pick a fantastic book to read!

  8. Good luck with Chapter 16. I have a similar issue getting started on my proposed WIP, so I can identify.

    Thanks also stopping by my place and for the follow.

  9. Ranting is good. A vacation is better. I wish I was closer to the latter. Anyway, we can rant together. :)

  10. Thanks everybody for the comments! It's nice to know that I'm not alone:)

    Today has been much better. I really think the sunshine and warm weather has helped.

  11. All of the above, except the child sleeping through the night, but yes to everything else.

    My kids were aggravating me so much on Saturday night. I left them in the A&W and went and waited in the car (They are older - just so you don't think I"m horrible)

  12. Aw, why don't you try reading the first chapter of each book and see which one hooks you the fastest! (Maybe you won't even make it past the first one!)

    My gripe is that there seems to be not enough hours in the day for me to write, read, critique, clean, grocery shop and cook dinner. I'm LAME. lame. I don't even have a day job, what the heck am I complaining about????

  13. I'm glad you feel better after getting that out. That's one of the best ways! Congrats to you!

    And don't worry about Beth's deal. This is actually VERY GOOD news for YA sci fi/dystopian. It means the market is strong and they are actively looking for it. I mean, just think of all the people who DIDN'T get the book and WANTED it! You know? That's how I choose to look at it. Her deal means that publishing is alive, thriving and well. ESPECIALLY in YA sci fi/dystopian. Not the other way around.

    :) :) :)

  14. Patti - No, I'd never think you are horrible!

    Sara - Complain away! I agree, we do need a few more hours in the day:)

    Elana - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have made me feel soooo much better about my ms:)

  15. Sorry it was a tough past week! I've definitely had those before. Glad that things are going a little better! Treat yourself well :) I find that venting and a movie and ice cream work wonders.

  16. Julie - Yes, things are much better now. And you certainly can't go wrong with ice cream!

  17. The first couple on your list were transferred to my list. It's entitled: Why I Haven't Reproduced Yet (Because I Like to Sleep). I don't know how you guys all do it--you're amazing!

  18. I hear ya on #'s 3 and 4 for sure! And now I'm even more interested in going to see Alice in Wonderland...although I can already predict that I will be obsessing about the White Queen's fluttering hands the whole time. LOL! So thank you for that. :)

    My personal gripe is: Why does a two ounce piece of chocolate lead to a full pound weight gain? Doesn't that defy the laws of physics?

    Oh yeah... AND... WHY do I keep procrastinating on the internet every time I turn my computer on to work on my WIP?

    Ahhh... I feel much better now. Thanks for letting me use your blog to vent. :)

  19. Jade - Lol, you crack me up! And it is a challenge writing with kids, but you do what you have to do:)

    Amy - Lol, sorry about the White Queen's fluttery hands! Try to ignore it:) I did not know that about two ouce piece of chocolate and weight. That's awful because I LOVE me some chocolate!