Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Blog

My Dearest Blog,

I know, I owe you a huge apology! I was supposed to unplug for one week, and what do you know? It's been two weeks. I know you feel neglected and all that, but I have some really good excuses. Ready?

Well, you know I have kids. Three of them. And they actually want me to pay attention to them. Shocking, I know! Since the weather is getting warmer here, they have been constantly wanting me to go outside with them and, ya know, spend time with them. Then there's the whole feeding thing. Yeah, it's a never ending job, but I have to do it:)

Now don't forget that I live in the south, and the pollen is horrible here! Stupid trees are going into overtime producing the stuff, and wouldn't you know that I'm allergic to it. My poor eyes have been itching all of the freaking time for about three weeks now. The only thing that helps is Benadryl, and you know what that stuff does to me. ZZZZZZZ.

And of course, there's the WIP. Yeah, I was going to try 1000 a day, but that didn't happen. With all the other stuff going on, I was lucky to stick with my 500 words, and that didn't even happen every day. (Yes, I know that I'm failing miserably at my writing challenge - please don't rub it in.) But the good news is that I'm over 46,000 words in said WIP, so that has to count for something. poor, pitiful neglected blog, can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I still lurves you lots, and although I still have a life to live, I'll try to be around a little more often. At least until the next unplugging session.




  1. Kids. That's why my unplug week was so successful writing wise--I don't have any. Mad props for all the hard working mums though. I honestly don't know how you do it!

  2. I'm sure your blog will forgive you. You were one busy girl! ;)

  3. Good for you for unplugging! Whenever I try it I fail miserably.

  4. I'm too addicted to unplug, but it sounds like you're making good progress in your WIP, so sounds like it was worth it. :)

  5. 46,000 words is a good chunk of writing! I can't imagine having any free time with 3 kids! I have zero kids and still I struggle...

  6. I don't know about your blog, but I forgive you!:) Sounds like it was worth it, though.

  7. Dear Melissa,

    I forgive you!


    PS. I'd better not catch you on Twitter.

  8. I cut back to once a week on my blog. Life just got chaotic. So I forgive you and I'm sure your blog does too. :)

    But welcome back!

  9. Jade - Thanks! It's almost impossible getting any writing done unless the kids are asleep.

    Kimberly - I hope it does!

    KarenG - You know, unplugging isn't so bad when you give yourself permission to lurk a little. Then there's Twitter, but I only get on there at night.

    Roni - Oh, the progress is SLOW. Must learn to write faster.

    Aubrie - Yes, my kids demand a lot from me, but they're worth it:)

    Talli - Thanks!

    DL - You crack me up! P.S. please don't tell the blog about Twitter;)

    Karen - I'm sure I'll have to go to blogging once a week when my girls get out of school for vacation.

  10. (I was going to do the same thing that DL did. I'll do it any way.)

    Dear Melissa,

    You. are. grounded!

    Your Blog

  11. Amber - Lol! I know, I deserve it;)

  12. Pollen sucksssss. Ugh, I feel your pain!! Awesome job on you're growing WIP word count!

  13. Kids take time up for sure! Pollen stinks here in Houston, it's been awful these past two weeks!! Ugh, dreadful!

    Glad to see you back, even if only to shell out excuses ;)

  14. *hugs and pats head* The pollen count has been awful here too!!! UGH! Stupid pollen!

  15. Genoveva - Very wise words:)

    Sara, Jen, and Wendy - Yes, pollen sucks! I can't wait for it to go away and I can feel normal again.