Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So Halloween is almost here.  The time for candy, costumes, and scary things.  Things that make you want to hide under your covers.  So what scares you?

Do you have a fear of walking down a cold, dark street at night, wondering what's making all those noises you can't see? 

And to make it worse, what if you saw something like this peering out at you from the shadows?
You better believe I won't be standing around very long.

Ugh, who can forget spiders?  I'm terrified I'll wake up and find one crawling on me! *shudders*

This was a big one for me when I was little.  I was sure there was something lurking under my bed, waiting until my parents went to sleep so it could get me.

Clowns! Enough said.

So what scares you?


  1. So my computer at work won't allow me to see pictures... which could be a good thing consider I saw the word that scares me the most (starts with an S... I never spell it... they are bugs that should die.)

    Several things scare me... watch Criminal Minds, that's the main reason... oh and all the Halloween movies... yeah Michael Meyers, that guys mask makes me want to pee my pants.

  2. I don't mind spiders too much, it's roaches and scorpions that put the fear in me. Unless they're black widows...eeeps!

  3. SPIDERS!! They terrify me. *shudders*

  4. Spiders. Really, anything that has more than four legs. The more legs it has, the more it freaks me out. Centipedes...ugh!

  5. My deepest fear, beyond little things like a horrible dislike of spiders, is that I'm claustrophobic. That whole buried alive movie, yeah, I won't see it even though it has Ryan Reynolds in it.

  6. Silverfish! I'm not terrified of them, I just hate them and want them to die a terrible death, which they usually do. If you consider being squished alive a terrible death, which I'm pretty sure it is...

    Don't like clowns.

    I really hate the whole "when a stranger calls" scenario. Or The Strangers. Having open windows at night, or a broken blind...*shudder*

  7. Ventriloquist dummies...EEEEEEW. and things(bugs...what have you) that burrow under your skin.

  8. Oh nooo.. I can't see the pictures.. but I was imagining them, and definitely got the creeps!

    I HATeeeeee spiders! But because my horribly overactive imagination, I do tend to end up scaring myself more with what's NOT there than what is ;)

  9. I'm on board with spiders. Also, porcelain-faced dolls. Creepy!!!

  10. Love that last photo! ha!

    I really hate the dark and things that make strange noises at night.

  11. Ventriloquist dummies, roaches, and moths do it for me.