Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two Teachers I'll Never Forget

Teaching is a lot of things. Rewarding. Challenging. Frustrating. Tiring. Exhilarating. I know because I used to be a teacher. I know how hard it is to work to try to get your students ready for state testing. How hard it is to prepare lessons that don't bore kids to death. How hard it is to make kids want to learn. I was lucky when I was younger. I honestly don't remember having any teachers that made me hate school. My teachers really cared about everyone they taught, and I most of the time I loved going to school. (Except on test days. I hated those!)

Two teachers in particular inspired me to become a writer - my sixth and seventh grade language arts teachers. I adored going to their classes. My sixth grade teacher was the one who first made me realize I could write. Under her direction, our class was the first to start a "newspaper" at our middle school. I remember how much I loved receiving my assignments and working on them during her class. Also, she  made everyone enter a writing contest that year. I was nervous about submitting my entry, but she was so encouraging that I forgot all about my nervousness. I even won! Yeah, that was the very first time I thought I might actually be a writer when I grew up. My seventh grade language arts always made me smile. She loved every writing assignment I turned in, and I remember she even read some of mine out loud to the class. It totally embarrassed me, but at the same time I loved the attention. And at the end of the year during the middle school awards ceremony, she presented me with the language arts award for seventh grade. I'll never forget that because she announced to the entire school that some day I would become a writer, and she told me to include her in the acknowledgements of my first book. I've never forgotten that.

So thank you, Mrs. Joyner and Miss Deal. Thank you for your steadfast faith in a young girl's writing ability. Thank you for fanning a flame that has never gone out over these many years. Both of you will most definitely be in my acknowledgements. One day. 


  1. Oh isn't amazing how a teacher (or teachers) can be a rudder in our life and maybe not even realize it. I too can trace down through middle school the teachers who have been positive beacons to me when I needed it most. Thankful for those who see our potential.

    1. You're absolutely right, especially when those teachers haven't seen us in so many years. :)