Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm Going To Be Published!!!!!!!

This posted over at Publisher's Marketplace today!

It's hard to see, but it says Brazilian rights to Melissa Hurst's THE EDGE OF FOREVER, to Record, in a very-nice deal, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency, in association with Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary & Media on behalf of Suzie Townsend.

So yes, THE EDGE OF FOREVER is going to be published in Brazil!!! Woohoooooooooo!!!!! *pause to dance*

Um, okay, now that I'm sort of calm again, I can share with you how all of this came about. Super Agent Suzie and Super Agent Pouya decided to submit THE EDGE OF FOREVER to some film producers at the same time the manuscript was sent to editors in New York. I settled down and expected a very long wait, but just two weeks later I got a call from Super Agent Kathleen. She said one of the film scouts was also a scout for foreign rights and loved THE EDGE OF FOREVER so much that she took it to her foreign publishers. Next thing we know, Kathleen received an email with an offer from their Brazilian co-agent. They wanted to know if we'd accept a pre-empt offer and I was like YESYESYESYESYES!

So I can definitely say I LOVE BRAZIL!!!!!!!


  1. YAY BRAZIL!!! So happy for you! Congraaaats!

  2. WOooOOOOOOO HoooooOOOOOOO!!!! :D

  3. Wow! Congratulations. You must just be bubbling over!!

  4. BOO-YAH!!!!! That's so awesome Melissa!! :)

  5. Thanks everybody! I'm over the moon excited!!! :)

  6. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    。☆ 。☆。☆
    。☆。 。☆。✩
    ☆。 ★。 ☆ °✰

  7. Super Exciting. Congratulations.

  8. Record is not ANY publisher. It's simply the biggest group in Brazil. Your book must be awesome! They don't like losing money. Congrats!

  9. OMG

    I'm from Brazil and I'm super excited about this news. As already told, the record is one of the best publishers here. So, do not worry.
    I look forward to more information about your first novel.

    And congratulations * --------------- *

    João Victor,

  10. Congratulations! Welcome to Brazil! Cida.

  11. I've just read the synopsis of The Edge of Forever and I'm looking forward to read it. :)

  12. Congratulations, Melissa!!!! *dances with you* That is FANTASTIC news. Live the dream for all of us, girl!!

  13. Hey, girl!!!
    I'm brazilian and I've just read about you and your book in a brazilian blog. I'm SO excited about your book. As fellow readers have said, Record is one of the biggest publishers here, and my personal favorite, to be honest. They always do a fantastic work. You're in excellent hands! Welcome to Brazil!!! :)


  14. I'm a bit late to the party, but HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! =) That's very exciting!

  15. Hi, Melissa! :)
    Congratulations!! I am looking forward to reading your book *.*
    #WelcomeToBrasil <3


  16. I've been out of the loop and just saw this-- HOW AMAZING! What a great story and it must feel FANTASTIC. Brazil is the best! Well done!

  17. Thanks again everybody! All of your comments have made me smile! :)